Court signals 300,000 Mercedes ‘dieselgate’ consumer claims are to accelerate  

Drivers are being urged to complete client surveys in order to hold Mercedes to account and get compensation they’re owed.

Over 300,000 Mercedes drivers are getting closer to claiming compensation for mis-sold diesel vehicles. The High Court is about to issue a Group Litigation Order almost three years after law firms first called for drivers to join together in this claim. Everyone who has signed up to this claim with a law firm will now be contacted and asked to provide further information – by completing what’s called a Schedule of Claimant Information form (SOCI).

No SOCI, no compensation 

Milberg, who is acting on behalf of nearly a quarter of the class of 300,000 drivers, has urged all consumers to make sure they don’t forget to fill out the claimant information survey.

James Oldnall, the leading litigator at Milberg, says claimants need to confirm their vehicle and personal details to be eligible for compensation:

‘Mercedes drivers need to keep their eyes peeled for an email asking them for further information. People often don’t realise that signing up to the claim is only the first step and doesn’t get you all the way to compensation. You must reply to our client survey so that we can get your claim before the Court. We can’t hold Mercedes to account and get you compensation without a completed survey. ’

Mercedes is accused of using ‘defeat devices’

Mercedes is facing a group claim fronted by Milberg and leading law firms Hausfeld, Leigh Day, Pogust Goodhead, and Slater & Gordon on behalf of around 300,000 drivers who they say have been misled and ultimately mis-sold about the environmental credentials of a range of its cars. Mercedes is another big car brand accused of misleading its customers as part of the so-called ‘dieselgate’ scandal. It is alleged to have installed special software –known as a ‘defeat device’ – to cheat the emissions tests on cars between 2009 and 2020.  

Vehicle information needed

Emails containing surveys are being sent by law firms over the coming weeks and months to all consumers who have already signed up to this claim. Claimants will be asked for information about the mileage and price at purchase of the vehicle, and any finance arrangements plus the details of any sale or disposal if you don’t still own the vehicle. 

Advice to all claimants 

It can be daunting filling out forms from legal firms so Consumer Voice has worked with Milberg to make this process as easy as possible. We’ve also compiled a few top tips to help claimants with the process: 

  1. If you financed the vehicle, make sure you have the finance paperwork that you entered into at the outset to hand. It will contain most of the information you need. Send a copy to your solicitors as proof of your claim.
  2. If you didn’t finance the car, have the vehicle log book (V5C) handy or any paperwork from the dealership concerning the purchase of the vehicle. 
  3. Request it from the DVLA or the dealer you bought it from or sold it to if you can’t find any information. If you’re not totally sure about any answer don’t give up – just mark it as an estimate and keep going.
  4. Now is the time to act so, if in doubt, contact the law firm to see if they can help you. 

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