BT compensation: Are you one of the 3.7m customers who could be owed up to £400?

BT sued for £1.3 billion in a compensation claim representing 3.7m customers who were overcharged.

The telecoms giant BT is being sued for up to £1.3 billion in a compensation claim. The claim is being brought on behalf of 3.7m residential landline customers who were overcharged. You could be eligible for up to £400 compensation, depending on the length of your contract.

Follow this claim if you were a BT landline customer between October 2015 and April 2018, or if you had a BT landline and a separate contract for broadband from October 2015 to December 2023.

BT rips off loyal customers

In 2017 Ofcom, the telecoms watchdog, found BT had been overcharging its standalone landline customers since at least 2009. It had been continuing to put up the price of landlines despite the fact costs had been falling since 2009. 

After Ofcom’s ruling BT reduced its line rental price for some customers but it didn’t compensate customers for its historic overcharging. This overcharging affects 3.7 million UK landline customers, many of whom are older and vulnerable and could be owed up to £400 each. 

Have you been overcharged?

There are two groups of people that could be eligible for compensation:

  • Landline-only customers. You had a BT landline service between October 2015 and April 2018, but did not receive a broadband service.
  • Split purchase customers. You had a BT landline service and also a separate broadband service, any time between October 2015 and December 2023, but didn’t ‘bundle’ these services together into a single, discounted package.

If won, the estates of more than half a million BT customers who have died will be able to claim for compensation.

Justin Le Patourel was approved to represent those affected and instructed the law firm Mishcon de Reya to advance the claim. The action is funded by Harbour. 

What to do next to claim compensation

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What’s happening with this claim?

The eight week trial against BT has come to a close – ending on Friday 22 March 2024. Customers could be owed up to £400 if this claim is won. A decision on compensation is expected in coming months. Justin Le Patourel is representing affected consumers in this claim. The Court of Appeal previously rejected an appeal by BT against the decision to take this claim to trial.

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