Big brands including Amazon, BT, JLR and Sony Playstation could collectively owe UK consumers billions in compensation. Are you one of them?

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How do I know I’ve been ripped off?

It isn’t always obvious when you’ve been ripped off by the companies you deal with, which makes it really hard to stand up to big businesses. Big brands like Apple, Amazon, BT, Google, JLR and Sony have been accused of stifling competition, boosting their profits or disguising problems with their products – all by using a range of illegal practices which have meant higher costs for consumers.

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Consumer Voice is here to help people get back the money they’re owed from rule-breaking businesses. Consumer Voice is the first website and consumer community in the UK dedicated to promoting all group legal claims.

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We can fight back against rule-breaking companies

The law in the UK offers an important route to accessing justice: group claims or collective actions. This is when a legal claim is brought on behalf of a group of people who have all experienced a similar loss as a result of the law being broken. Law firms have to bring these group claims to a court or tribunal to get compensation for consumers.

Group actions allow big companies to be held accountable for abusing their dominant position in the market without consumers having to foot the bill for legal action. So if you’ve been a customer with one of the big tech companies, it’s possible you could have a claim as part of a group action being taken against them.

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In numbers

We calculate that UK consumers could be owed £36 billion from 12 of the biggest claims, with every adult on average eligible to join 5 of these consumer claims against big brands.

Our website promotes 24 consumer groups claims you could have been impacted by.

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Do you shop using Amazon’s marketplace at You could be eligible for compensation. Sign up to stay updated.

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